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When it comes to durags for men, silk is the premier material - and if you’ve tried it yourself, you know why. It’s incredibly comfortable and highly effective at protecting your hair. You get the best of both worlds with silky durags. And here at Rag Ratz, we’re proud to offer the finest selection of silk durags online. Shop now and give your hair the products it deserves. What makes Rag Ratz the premier choice for all things silk durags? Simple - you won’t find better quality, variety, or customer service anywhere else. We wear durags ourselves, and always have. Like you, we struggled to find products that were comfortable enough to wear regularly - while still offering the compression you need to get your waves spinning. So, we decided to do something about it - and designed our own line of durags and bonnets. Our industry-leading, korean silk fabric is blended with polyester to achieve the perfect balance of comfort, durability, and results. These feel luxurious on your head, and lock in moisture to enhance your wave patterns. As well, we quadruple stitch our silkies to prevent rips and tears down the line. These are built to last! With long wide tails, you can easily style these however you please. You’ll never deal with forehead lines again!

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